Rejection Sucks. Decision Trees Make It Suck Less.

Today SolutionLoft, the startup I’m working on, was not chosen as a recipient for the Wharton Venture Award – a $10k equity-free grant to work on an idea during the summer. And in short, rejection fucking sucks.

Yes, mom, I’m sorry for dropping the f-bomb… but it’s true, especially when it’s the rejection of something you’ve poured so much blood, sweat and tears into. But there’s a way to make it easier and more productive. The basic ingredients are a decision tree, preparation, and discipline.

Religion, Charity, and Game Theory

I come from a very Christian home and not in the bad sense of the word. My parents were raised religious but do not blindly believe in a god; they’ve thought it through and believe that religion and, specifically, Christianity, is for them. As a result, throughout my childhood I was always taught to give to others, to turn the other cheek, to treat others as you would like to be treated, to serve the least of these… values that are pillars of a faith that I have slowly distanced myself from.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve tried to hold onto some of these values while rebasing their validity from Christianity to moral or logical reasoning. I cannot claim that you should help the least of these because a guy that lived 2000 years ago said so. I can claim that you should help the least of these if I’m able to prove that it’s in your best interest.* This is not at all to discredit religion but to try to find arguments for charitable actions without it.

A Brief Guide to the Philly Tech Scene

A friend recently asked me about the Philly tech scene as he knew someone moving here and looking to get involved. If there’s a time to get involved, it’s definitely now. Startups have the full support of the city (Mayor Nutter has been extremely proactive), funding sources, and the local universities. As Philly’s tech scene continues to grow and mature, I figured it’d be helpful to compile a brief guide to the current state.