A list of papers, blog posts and articles I’ve found valuable:

Author Title One liner
Chris Granger   Eve Version 0 Original manifesto for Eve project
Eve Literate Programming and Eve Quick post on literate programming
Eve Eve so far Eve’s design principles
Eve Version control, collaborative editing and undo Versioning control is hard
Eve Eve Dev Diary (Jan - Feb) WikiEve and lessons learned
Eve Natural Language Querying Attempt to implement NLQ
Chris Granger Light Table - a new IDE concept Original manifesto for Light Table
Chris Granger The future is specific Domain specific > general language
Chris Granger All ideas are old ideas Smalltalk, Lisp and Logo
Light Table Pain we forgot What’s wrong with programming
Light Table Imperative thinking and the making of sandwiches The beauty of SQL
Gil Mizrahi Reading Simple Haskell Perfect intro to Haskell
Aaron Kent The Accidental Complexity of Syntax Complexity in Syntax
Aaron Kent On Reuse in Software Development Idealistic code reuse