I'm Will and this is my personal site. Not much happens here.

By way of introduction, I grew up in NC. Went to college at UPenn. Started a software company with a friend that we worked on for a few years. After that, I worked as a PM at an early-stage startup, where I currently serve as VP of Engineering. I'm slowly transitioning onto my next thing. I hope to share more about that soon.

I have a bunch of random interests. I really like music, epsecially minimal techno. I like history a lot. I like to be helpful when people start companies, especially in the early days. Technology has always been a big part of who I am. From the 300-in-1 kits to tinkering in Objective-C, I like to build things. Ethics are fun, too - I went through a Rand phase... may still be in one. If you share any of those interests, say hi.

Here are some other places I live on the internet:

I used to blog here. Here are a few of my old posts: